Collection: Garden, Wellness & Sunshine

If you and I were local to each other; you found me either at your local farmers marker, a vendor fair, a private party, a hosted event....These are all the things you may see at my table, under my tent laughing and hugging you! 

*Most of these pieces are located either in my garden, office, house, or life in one way or another and have made my space feel calm & fun. None of it should make sense together. Just the way I like it. 

*Everything in this album comes from my own personal experiences. What I share here is not to persuade, change, or claim anything other than sharing my opinions, resources, small business friends, loved ones and vulnerability. Enjoy and please share with me if something here ignites you and you feel SUNSHINE.
I love you Kellie. Thank you for believing in me from day one and being one of the truest cheerleaders I have come to know as a starting out business momma. Any one that knew you, knew you LOVED Rosie and Jean. For those that are here from the past business, welcome back, I'm so happy you stayed here with me as this season changes. I miss you Kellie, and much of my healing has sparked from a fire within ever since your physical body left this earth. Not many know that, but in this section, they will now. As one of your friends, I hope this section makes you proud.