The Garden

           Welcome to my garden friend! The space of healing I never knew i needed. 

         This last year has catapulted me into a season of all kinds of healing. The death of a beautiful friend, the loss of an old business, the friendships and relationships ever c h a n g i n g. Just like the seasons within my garden. If you follow my journey on social media, I share much more of the day to day inner works of my self healing.. and dancing.

         This website portion is here to help collect all the inspiration and work collected over this last year as I learn to be a full time gardener while juggling motherhood, friendships, coach, teacher and wife...Click on some of the photos, it will take you other places that might just spark something for ya...

       Thank you for choosing to venture to this section. It means, you too, might be healing with me.... or you are inspired to work on mental health, as my garden has turned into an actual sanctuary  in one way or another.