Thousand X One

Finding PURPOSE again has been difficult. AS 2022 comes to a close, It has certainly been a year of healing, grieving, and moving forward in my life in all ways. In relationships, in my personal life.. with my husband and daughter. 

Lilian is 6 and is the funniest, quirky little girl you will ever meet. She is the only child and so her imagination is wild. She was an easy baby, honestly. She slept through the night pretty quickly...UNTIL one night, it was time for BIG girl bed transition. She hated it. We tried everything to keep her in bed at night..magic potions, nightlights, more stuffies.. you name it.. we did it. After 6 long months of her getting out of bed, back and forth in the middle of the night.. it was like newborn season all over again... until one night.

"Mommy, I will stay in bed if you check on me one thousand times in one minute."And my reply was, "Always baby!" 

That was three years ago. Lily is 6 about be be 7 and she still to this day every night after we brush and floss, asks me... "Check on me 1000 X in 1 min!"

Lily is my purpose. She humbles me. She brings so much joy and love and sass... I know she will do fine in this world. And I know this website will be all the things I have felt inspired to create.. because that little girl loves me.

Cheers for being here. Now YOU really know...

1000 X 1 forever.