Over the last four years, pre-pandemic, as a creative, I craved more. I came into a niche and started a small business consisting of handmade clay and resin earrings. As this small mom-side hustle grew, I became wildly successful, more than I could imagine honestly. Immense meaning back into my life after battling some gnarly anxiety. If you are here from the memory of Rosie & Jean days, then I’d love to say, HEY GIRL, hey! Let's slay to this next chapter together. 

   Fast forward, I have catapulted into many small business endeavors, events and some amazing connections with women from all over the Untied States. Seriously, I have shipped to every state and then went INTERNATIONAL.

      I have learned my craft and also have had the privilege to TEACH some workshops. I also have a BA in Social Science with a minor in history. Hence the vintage. I also use to teach dance for many years. I have a VISION for this chapter and ready to SPREAD that knowledge. I want to continue the joy it has brought me through different outlets of creativity and to feel sunshine. Welcome to my page. Where sass, inner healing, all things jewelry can be found on my page. I encourage you to play on this website and take as long as you need. It will be here for you always.

XO, times a thousand